Is It A Win Or Is It A Loss?

Have you ever played a game against a computer? You know it makes random moves so you use your human intelligence against its random programming. The end result? You win! Feeling exhillerated you play again only this time you miss a crucial opportunity and you end up loosing. The thrill of your win and the despair of your loss push you to try again. This time, armed with the hope to win and an eye for opportunity, you beat the odds scoring more points than ever before! How does that feel? Amazing, huh?
Life is not much different. Yes, while some believe in a higher power and others do not, the outcome is not much different. We humans are more powerful than we acknowledge. Little things such as attitudes and thoughts impact our lives in profound ways every day. Why do we have hopes and dreams? Because we have the ability to obtain them. Not so we can wait for someone or something to bring them to us, but so we can seek them, work for them and search for them. The key to everything we want lies within our attitudes about the world around us.
As in the scenario above, life is full of losses and wins. What’s amazing is that both can be equally helpful tools. When you think of a win, you think of an achievement, but when most people think of a loss they think of failure. This often impairs their vision for their future, holds them back from their dreams and sometimes leads them to give up altogether.
Loss can be painful, sometimes devastating but once a person moves past that pain and devastation they gain wisdom, insight, knowledge and stregnth. That’s the motivation they need to push them farther than they’ve ever gone, dream more than they thought possible and love deeper than they’ve ever been loved.
I recently experienced this firsthand. I had lost a very close friend who I loved and valued. I thought I couldn’t live without our friendship. The turmoil was deep, almost as deep as the bond of our friendship. It was so tough to move on but I’m glad I did. I not only have many people in my life i am blessed to call my dear friends, I know that I am strong enough to get through anything. I have the confidence of knowing that no matter what life throws my way I can benefit and grow from it.
It saddens me to see so many people who don’t know that beyond failure is strgnth, who haven’t been shown that beyond loss is abundance, who haven’t seen that beyond pain is love. Please, despite the norms and trends of today’s society, pass this along and  support positivity. Share the truth about the power of wins and losses.

What’s next?

There was heartache behind my smile,
And deep sadness came after a while
They couldn’t and wouldn’t see it to ask
Full 360 came so quickly, no time to react.
As quickly as a match is lit,
In the moment that is it!
Life flashes before your eyes
Everything you know dies
Sadness, desperation, anxiety
With no words to describe the agony
Don’t know where to go
Don’t want all this to show
What to do? What to say?
Endless regret day to day.
Never knew sadness til joy was taken
Never knew darkness til I was shaken
Broken, busted; haven’t had the best
But do you know what? I’m blessed
From my limits, I’m now freed
Taking walks in the cool breeze
Feeling the warmth of sunshine
No pressure, I smile in my time
Green lush grass to walk along
Hope within me growing strong
Almost let calamity get to me,
But it woke me up to the real me
What held me back has let me go,
Let me see, let me spread my wings
And given me the strength to show
Who I really am, find who I want to be!
I wouldn’t take it back for anything.
The great, the bad I’m not regretting
Once I made it real, took off the mask
Let go of emotion, let go of the past
Swallowed that lesson I had to take
Made the choice I had to make
Grew up a bit, saw things I’ve never seen
That’s when I was released from my cage
The most amazing feeling ever
This high is more than worth the pain
Just don’t see it getting any better
Can’t wait for what’s next!

The Need For Positive Change

In my hometown, Abilene, Texas, crime has increased by leaps and bounds. The city is no longer the same as when I moved here. From child abuse to homocide I see at least 3 violent crimes reported everyday, not to mention the ones they don’t report on the news! I’m sure almost anyone, anywhere can relate!

I don’t know about anyone else but to me society seems to have fallen into a downward spiral they are almost unable to reverse. Have you heard the President of the United States say, “we are groping in the dark for answers”? Why would he say that? This is the land of the free and the home of the brave, why are we so deep in moral debt? Oddly enough, most of the problems we face stem from the fact that most people have not been taught basic moral principles such as respect for life, self-control, and responsibility.

Yes, I said most people haven’t been taught! Shocking? Not really given the fact that most children never go through a character development course and neither did their parents or teachers!

I’m starting this blog because this whole world needs change! I believe the world can and will be a better place if everyone knows the simple solutions to everyday problems. I also see the need for us all to understand the consequences, both short term and long term, of giving up basic moral values. I hope that this blog will have a positive impact on lives around the world. Together, let’s save our children’s future by turning this around!